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Greetings and well-come. This blog will contain stories, pictures, and comments about my trips and journeys. Some will be multiple-day travels and others may be simple day trips.

The goal is to take you with me as I explore and experience the traveling and the excitement of visiting places of interest. I will talk about what it's like to be on the road; the good and the not-so-good. Pictures will be included along with history segments of areas visited.

I love spontaneity and that often works in my favor, but sometimes not. My emotions pour from my heart onto the page. I hope you enjoy keeping me company while I'm on the road, especially as I often travel alone.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Planning a Trip to the Adirondacks

My emotions are all over the place as the departure date gets close. I’m nervous and excited. Nervous because I’m always nervous before a trip, and even though this is only a short Tuesday through Saturday adventure, I am still leaving comfortable territory and heading into new areas. Excited because it’s always exciting to head out for overnighters. The thought of seeing beautiful scenery, fall foliage, and rivers, lakes, mountains gets me pumped up.

This type of trip has been talked about for over a year with Annette Vogel, friend and owner/publisher of the InterTown Record Newspaper of which I am editor. She’s from the Adirondack region in New York and often goes out to visit family. I’d always say I’d love to see that area. We’ve talked about going out together and this past spring, set a September date. 

I made hotel reservations for myself (she stays with family). The challenge was trying to decide which one. There are so many choices and it was hard to make up my mind. I don’t usually book ahead because I like being spontaneous (I often don’t know exactly where I’ll be when traveling). This time, I knew the area we’d be staying, plus she said this time of year with peak fall foliage, hotels book up fast. 

The summer whizzed by and now the day of leaving approaches. I’m a little panicked. There are still things to do: packing, cleaning the car and filling it with gas, making sure the house is all set, letting neighbors know to watch the house. Pele kitty care is already arranged as my friend, Nan, will come over every day. 

How can I leave? There are many projects around the house I haven’t finished – but I probably won’t until next summer anyway). There are paintings on the easels needing more work – they’ll still be here when I get back. Pele will miss me so much and thinking about that tears at my heart – but she’ll be so happy to see me when I return. My work-for-which-I-get-paid can’t be used as an excuse because the laptop comes with me and I can work at the hotel at night and early morning. So, there isn’t any reason I shouldn’t go.

And think about all the beautiful photographs I’ll get! Annette knows some great places, but she’s going to take us through some gorgeous areas, and she knows a lot of the backroads and such to avoid highways. I need new pictures to do more paintings. 

Pele knows something’s up. She’s been sticking close to me. I pulled clothes out of the closet yesterday and they’re neatly stacked on the couch along with the small travel bag for toiletries. She keeps staring at the pile, then giving me “a look.” I feel bad leaving her, but I’ll only be gone a few days. 

I need to do this. It’s good for the soul to get away once in a while. Usually I take a couple of day trips during the summer, but I never made the time this year. It’s more than time I see something new, and gorgeous scenery is always refreshing.